Product Spotlight

Hello Friends,

Today I’m going to review the wonderful lip balm from eos (Evolution of Smooth).  I was introduced to this product not to long ago when I was vacationing in NYC.  As I was having the time of my life I noticed my lips weren’t, they were super dry, crackly and worst of all itchy.  I was soon given eos lip balm by my sister, and lets just say my whole world changed.

Why I love it? First off lets talk about how cute this packaging is, eos has designed their product to “make you smile”, the sphere shape of the balm makes it easy to hold and best of all super fast to apply. so it can fully coat your lips with just one application. Now, you’re wondering how it feels? Amazing, of course! I say this because the texture of this balm is smooth and silky. This balm  contains 100% natural and 95% organic ingredients. You will be able to tell the difference in quality right away. They also offer the  smooth-stick lip balm which is more of a  classically designed version. It comes in  delicious flavors like vanilla bean, pomegranate raspberry, and sweet mint to name a few.

Another great thing about this company is that they also make hand and body lotions and shaving creams. Be on the lookout for those product reviews in the near future.

Below I made a visual so you can see just how great this product looks.

I also included a fun article on 6 unusual ways to use your lip balm.

Will you be using eos this Winter season? Leave a comment below

Love, chicki

 Product Spotlight

So obviously lip balms are supposed to be used on your mouth (giant duh—we know), but if that’s the only place you’re using them, you’re seriously missing out. The soothing formula and tacky consistency of the beauty basic are actually really handy for a load of other ailments. So let’s start making that lip treatment work a little harder, shall we? Here’s what it can do:

Groom your brows.
If you’re out of brow gel, or just don’t feel like buying some, lightly tap a little lip balm along your brows as you brush them into place. The texture of the balm will help keep them from straying without making them feel sticky.

Treat frayed cuticles.
In a pinch, you can rub a little lip balm onto dry cuticles in lieu of an actual nail treatment. It’ll help to moisturize the area and keep peeling pieces down, so they don’t snag on anything.

Tame flyaway hairs.
While lotion is the oft-suggested quick fix for flyaways, that can be a really easy way to make your hair look super greasy. Lip balm, on the other hand, keeps baby hairs down without actually being visible on your stray strands.

Stop high heel chaffing. 
The waxiness of the balm is a great barrier for your skin against the friction of new and painful shoes. Just rub a bunch of balm wherever you’re feeling the burn. And it’s a good idea to try a potted version that you can apply with your fingers, so you’re not rubbing an applicator directly onto your foot. (Germs = ew.)


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