Hello Friends,

I’m Completely obsessed right now with latest fashion trend of printed sweaters!

It seems as if the chilly weather is here to stay, but we’re definitely not complaining because that means layering becomes a must! And there’s no better time to layer with your fun and adorable printed sweaters! Wear them over a pair of old blue jeans for an interesting look or pair them with a leather skirt for an outfit for your date. However you choose to wear this piece, you’ll have a look that’s both stylish and practical. Want more tips and ideas on how to sport your favorite printed sweater? Check out the different ways the bloggers below styled their sweaters for more inspiration!


1. hearty

If you’re feeling just a tad bit cold, try layering your heart print, short-sleeved sweater over your flowy dress. Layer on with a colorful scarf for more texture and finish off the look with a shoulder bag and loafers.


2. skull

Look edgy but sweet by pairing your skull print sweater over your cutest circle skirt. Scrunch up the sleeves a bit for a more relaxed look and add-on a hat or beanie plus your heeled booties. This look is perfect for that movie date or night out with friends.


3. indian

On a casual day, nothing is cuter than wearing your oversized printed sweater on top of your most comfortable cut-off shorts. Wear a gold chain necklace for a classy touch and finish off this cool and stylish look with red lips and lace-up boots!


4. nerd

Add a festive touch to your menswear inspired outfit consisting of trousers and a white button down shirt. Wearing a bright print sweater on top of your shirt will give your polished look a more relaxed feel.


5. khaki

Look girly by wearing your cutest button-down sweater over a plain dress. Jazz up your look with a pair of printed tights in the same color palette as your dress and tie the look together with a pair of ballet flats.


6. black

Look effortlessly chic in an all-black ensemble. Grab that printed black sweater, scrunch up the sleeves a little and wear it over your faux leather leggings. Give your outfit a pop of color with a scarf or head-piece.


So there you have it friends, How would you wear your printed sweater?  leave a comment below.


Love, chicki




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