DIY: 10 Ways to Transform Your Space with Washi Tape

Hello, Friends

Today I’m going to bring you a fun and unique post. I’m a big lover of DIY projects, and lately I have been more into them. The other day while I was shopping around Etsy I came across Washi Tape! I completely fell in love! I started to look up ideas so I can begin with my first project and I ended up finding so many, though washi tape can be used for things like framing projects, making plastic price tags on clothing, and wrapping around bottles and candles just to name a few, I really liked the idea of using this tape to spruce up an old room. So today I decided to bring you 10 ways to transform your space.

What is Washi Tape you may ask? 

Often called wasabi tape by mistake, washi tape does originate from Japan, so we can see how the two terms are easily confused! But, washi tape has nothing to do with the spicy condiment that you eat with your sushi. The best way we can describe washi tape is that it feels like masking tape — very, very pretty masking tape. It’s made of paper, but is not as delicate as you would expect. Plus, it comes in patterns and designs that will make even the most dedicated crafters swoon and varying widths to allow you to create some fun and intricate washi tape designs.

Washi tape is typically made from natural fibers, such as bamboo or hemp, but most commonly from the bark of trees that are native to Japan — the mulberry, the mitsumata shrub or the gampi tree. Most washi tapes are strong (as strong as duct tape in some cases!) and functional as well as pretty, making them wonderful for both everyday and decorative use.

1. jewlerytape

Space-Saving Jewelry Storage

Create a funky place to show off your favorite necklaces by taping a tree onto your wall with washi tape. Use small pieces of tape to create each branch, then attach necklaces with thumbtacks. This jewelry tree is completely flat against the wall and saves precious counter space in a small room.

2. pplantern

Dress Up Paper Lanterns

Coordinate a basic paper lantern to the color scheme of a room by applying strips of washi tape. Pick a coordinating color scheme, like teal and gold, or go crazy and create a rainbow. Either way, everyone will want to know where you purchased that custom hanging light.

3. door

No More Standard Doors

Rid your rooms of boring closet doors with a few strips of colorful washi tape. Extra-wide washi tape makes a big impression on large areas. Create a dynamic look by placing different washi tapes on the diagonal in a crisscross pattern. Each piece is easily removable without damaging painted or wooden doors.

4. frames

Personalize Colorful Frames

Tape up inspirational magazine clippings, pictures of friends and artwork with washi tape that can be easily removed and changed on a whim. Create funky geometric shapes with the tape around a few of the images.

5. table

Give Personality to a Plain Table

Create a custom side table by covering a plain one with a variety of washi tape. In a diagonal pattern, place tapes in various sizes next to each other. Washi tape won’t ruin a tabletop, but if you’d prefer your new piece to be permanent and water-resistant, paint a few layers of clear gloss lacquer over the tape to seal it.

6. bottles

Add Pep to Your Flowers

Any room feels more like home with fresh flowers around. Personalize clear glass vases with layers of colored washi tape to match the decor of your room. Stick stripes of patterned and solid tape on top of each other to create quirky vases that your friends will love.

7. words

No-Damage Wall Messages

Bare walls can be bland and boring. Fill a room with a few uplifting quotes by taping them directly onto the wall with washi tape. Try spelling out each word in a different color of tape for a true splash of color.

8. charger

Decorative Electronics

Never confuse chargers again by personalizing yours with a funky tape design. Wrap small pieces of tape around the cord, and you’ll always be able to find your chargers with ease.

9. lamp

Lively Nightlight

Update an old lampshade with layers of patterned washi tape to create a hip, colorful new decoration for your room. For the most variety, use different widths and colors of washi tape that all have something in common. For example, these tapes are all a white pattern on a colored background.

10. box

Create a Colorful Desk

Basic storage boxes are given an update with modern washi tape. Choose one main patterned tape to be the centerpiece, then choose three or four solid, dotted and striped tapes that are similar in color to those found on your main tape. This will create a cohesive look that still appears fresh and trendy.

So there you have it friends these are some great Washi tape ideas. Stay tuned to see an update on my own DIY project.

Will you be using Washi tape in your home? let me know by leaving a comment.

Love, chicki


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