Try It or Toss It?: Overall Edition

Hello Friends, I’m bringing you a new segment called Try it or Toss it?

This is where I’m going to showcase a style or a trend, and let you be the judge. I will also be giving my honest opinion.

Well, let’s begin!

Today’s look is the controversial Overall Trend.

Loved by many, hated by others, this trend is still going strong as top designers are making overalls that can cost more than hundreds of dollars. (ridiculous!)

In my opinion, Toss it! Leave the overalls in your elementary school pictures. I am not to keen of this trend because, (in my opinion, of course), it’s not flattering to a woman’s physique. It hides those beautiful curves, also I’m not a fan of having straps over your shoulder, Anything that cuts from my bathroom time it’s a negative! (Just sayin’)  All in all this has not been my favorite comeback look.

I have created a poll down below so you can vote, let me know your opinions in the comments box below 🙂

Love, chicki


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