The look for less: Celebrity Style!

Hello Friends,

Is that time again for The Look for less! one of the reasons why I love doing these posts is because A. I love the challenge of looking up great outfits for everyone and B. I believe we can all have that cool celebrity style without breaking our wallet.

Today I’m bringing you Actress Jessica Alba, She is truly one of my  favorite fashionista’s in the Hollywood world . I feel she really has that edgy down to earth look at times. But also has such a classy taste, and her red carpet looks are done so beautifully. I especially choose this look today because this is totally something I can see myself wearing!  for those who know me this is where you shake your head yes profusely,  she is totally channeling her inner chicki (she doesn’t know it yet) 🙂

Below are the links where you can score these great pieces.

What do you think about her look? Leave a comment! 🙂

Love, chicki

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