A Majestical Day: OOTD!

Hello friends,

I’m super excited to bring you this post today on this gorgeous Sunday, I was very blessed with the opportunity to do a review on Majestical Jewelry!

for those of you have never heard of this company here is a little background from their actual site.

Majestical Jewelry is a boutique online jewelry store selling premium jewelry at 20%-90% off of retail pricing! All of the jewelry you will find on the site is 100% authentic and of the highest quality.
You can quickly tell that we offer extremely high quality jewelry at deep discounts. We manufacture, design, and purchase the world’s finest jewels, gemstones, pearls, and precious metals in bulk, then pass the savings on to you. With free same day shipping, free gift packaging, free returns and exchanges, and a money back guarantee, you can tell how confident we are that you will love our jewelry!

-Majestical manufactures and distributes the highest quality jewelry and delivers it right to your door. Everything comes with free gift packaging, so it makes gift giving easy too!

-All charms are compatible with other popular brands like Pandora, Biagi, Chamilia, Troll, and Persona. We use the same high quality manufacturing and pure silver, and sell it at a small fraction of the price! Why pay more?

-All pieces listed as silver are pure 925 sterling silver, we don’t sell any plated or imitation silver. Beware of sellers selling cheap items listed as silver, they are plated not pure!

-All gemstones used in our jewelry are authentic and of the highest quality.

-All pearl jewelry is guaranteed authentic, and we use a strict grading system to bring you the finest pearls at the most competitive prices. We sell the same quality pearls you will find at other major retailers, at a fraction of the cost! We pass the savings on to you.

So when the big day arrived, and I received my product I can say I was blown away on how beautiful my earrings were. I automatically took a picture of this beauty.


*Disclosure* These earrings where sent to me by Majestical Jewelry, other than the earrings themselves was I not compensated in any form.

This review is my honest opinion 

My first thought upon opening the package was amazing!, the packaging was extremely gorgeous it came in a beautiful sturdy Navy box, and even included a Silk pouch to keep my earrings safe. I absolutely loved the design of these earrings, the whole feel of this just felt so Boho Chic to me and modern.

Now you may be thinking because if the intricate nature of the earring and all the feathers that hang off of it that it must weigh a ton! have no fear ladies, these earrings were light and airy. One thing that bothers me the most with dangly earrings is the weight, I hate the feeling of my whole earlobe being pulled. On top of that, to be honest, it looks painful and unattractive. Another big factor for me when it comes to jewelry is quality, I am also very happy on the actual quality of the earrings, I only I say this because I have bought tons of pieces over the years and they do not hold up very well: for example, I have had pieces break on me the first day of use (not cool). So knowing me, I put them to the test. As I inspected every inch of these earrings I saw they are made very well. Each part of the rings starting from the main earring going down to the feathers are attached and secured very well. I also shook my head profusely (random I know) to see if anything would fall out. Score! These earrings aren’t falling apart ever! I was very relieved when I used these earrings for the first time for a whole day, they did not irritate my ears or cause any discomfort. Plus the amount of compliments received just sealed the deal.

What I really enjoy most about this company, that they have styles and fashions to fit any taste or budget. They also have a nice and easy layout for their website, so it makes finding your perfect piece easy and stress free.

Ladies, I recommend Majestical Jewelry, they really do have beautiful pieces 🙂

You can find your next piece at www.majestical.com
If you have facebook you can find them at www.facebook.com/MajesticalJewelry
Instagram at www.instagram.com/MajesticalJewelry
or Twitter at www.twitter.com/MajesticalJewel

below is an Outfit Of the Day inspired by this great piece. I also want to send a big Thank You!! to Majestical Jewlery for giving me this opportunity.

love, chicki.













Even bimmer approved of these!

Photo done by: Danny Gonzalez (bassrebel)

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