Battle of the creams! All you need to know about BB,CC, and DD creams

Hello Friends,

Ever felt that feeling of being overwhelmed in the drug store? I have and this time I wasn’t even asking for it. My horror show began when I decided to walk into my local drug store to look for an eye liner, since mine is literally one swipe away from dying. As I’m browsing  for the perfect one my eyes keep getting drawn to the foundations. I’ve never been one to wear any but I’m always a curious one to look and see what kind of flawless coverage a girl can get. As I’m jumping from brand to brand yes blame my ADD I start feeling overwhelmed instantly like I couldn’t believe how many foundations are out there. And not only that they all have letters of the alphabets attached to them! Now I’m feeling like the walls are closing in on me, I had to get out there!

I left the drugstore feeling exhausted and without my eyeliner. Mind you I was only in there for 10 minutes. I know my story is a bit exaggerated but I must not be the only one who way feels this way right? but I realized something it isn’t drug stores fault  for carrying tempting to buy foundations (LOL) it was simply just a lack of not being educated on my part regarding all these new creams.

So today I decided to bring you some information and the break down on these creams so the next time you’re in your local drugstore the paramedics don’t have to carry you out!

BB Creams

What is it? Short for beauty balm or blemish balm, BB creams are the love child of makeup and skin care. While its benefits seem to be endless, at its bare bones BB cream is the world’s best tinted moisturizer, packed with tons of benefits as well as SPF.

What it does: BB creams can smooth the skin, contain anti-aging elements, even out your skin tone, moisturize, protect against sun damage, and have a light-reflecting component that give your skin a dewy, luminous look!

How to use it: Although it may have SPF, don’t douse your face with it the way you do sunscreen—a light layer is all you need. BB creams can also be used as a primer, moisturizer, and foundation!

How it differs: BB cream provides the least amount of coverage of all the alphabet creams, so it’s perfect for a younger woman whose skin needs a little pick-me-up!

Some good BB creams to try are:

Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream, $10 (target)

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, $8 (


CC Creams

What is it? Packed to the gills with vitamins C and E, complexion corrector cream is similar to BB cream, but focuses on color correction.

What it does: Lighter than a BB cream, CC cream’s primary purpose is to correct color-related skin issues, such as sallowness or redness. Like BB cream, it has SPF as well (number varies by brand).

How to use it: If you’re acne-prone, have dull skin, dark spots or constant redness, CC cream is for you.

How it differs: Use CC cream to help with redness, acne, dark spots, sallowness and more. It’s also lighter than BB cream!

Some good CC Creams to try:

L’Oreal Visible Life CC Cream, $11 (target)

Almay Smart Shade CC Cream, $9 (target)


DD Creams

What is it? Fresh to the alphabet cream craze, DD creams, or “dynamic do-all” are a super cream: They combine the power and benefits of both BB and CC creams. However, their primary focus is anti-aging.

What it does: The anti-aging specialty of the cream works to diminish wrinkles and fine lines throughout use. Additionally, DD cream will balance skin tone and protect the most sensitive areas of your skin.

How to use it: Supposedly, you’ll really see improvements in your skin with continued use, so use often and incorporate it into your daily routine!

How it differs: DD cream’s strongest selling point is their anti-aging benefits. If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, this cream is the cream for you.

A good DD cream to try is:

Julep DD Creme, $36(


For those of you who are a little more visual check out this great chart I found!


Now that you have the info on BB, CC, and DD creams, will you be using any? Or if your currently using any let me know how it’s going for you! Leave a comment below.

Love chicki







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