Look Inside Yourself, Not Your Handbag!

Hello Friends,

I’m super excited to bring you this post today, I have been asked to collaborate in a documentary for hayley miller handbags.

The question behind this documentary is to discover why hand bags are so important to us. Living in a world where accessories are key, the hand bag has become a revolutionary piece to any girls wardrobe.  Over the decades every girl has dreamed of owning that perfect bag. It has even transformed into an obsession for some. Does this bring us to believe that us as a society own too many? my answer to that is: No way! Hand bags have so many uses to fit our taste, our views, our lifestyles; for example, you have that college student with the large hobo bag filled with too many books, or you have that great fashion blogger holding the latest clutch in some great color. And we can’t rule out the one girl who just has about everything in her bag! 

Whether your taste in hand bags are high-end or low-budget or even a mix of both. I have come to the conclusion we can’t live without them. They are part of our daily lives no matter what lifestyle we have. I, myself, am a proud lover of handbags!

As part of the documentary I was asked to choose my favorite hand bag I own and answer some questions, look below to see my answers!




Where is it from? The handbag I decided to feature today is from BEBE. I was doing some shopping and I spotted her from across the room. She was the last one hanging there. It was love at first sight, I knew she had to be mine! Her round small body was perfect for my celly, occasional lip stick and important cards.She may not be a couture bag but she has all the qualifications to be.

Why is it important to you? She is super important to me because she has been with me for all my adventures, she has traveled across the United States with me. And with all her glory she has remained intact (besides a few scratches and dents which give her more character actually), she still tends to maintain her use. I don’t plan on giving her up any time soon. I simply have only the best memories with her.   

Why do you think handbags are an important part of an outfit?  The importance of a hand bag to an outfit is huge! it’s your easiest accessory, it can be your pop of color to your outfit, or it can be that perfect neutral tone to calm it down and tie it together. With so many styles out there you cant ever go wrong.
How do different handbags make you feel. Can they change the mood your in? Some make you feel strong, some are designed to make you feel girly, even sexy. They absolutely change your mood, for the better.  
How many handbags do you own? At the moment I own seven, (Not enough, still growing my collection ;))

You can check her website out here: http://www.hayleymiller.co.uk/

Love, chicki

4 thoughts on “Look Inside Yourself, Not Your Handbag!

  1. hey Stephanie I came across your blog by googling bloggers in Orlando. I was happy to see that I actually know you. I believe I went to school with you but I would like to link up with you some time I just started blogging and would love to get some tips ect… anyways love your blog Im following you on bloglovin 😉
    kik @ beautysoprecious

    1. Omg I’m so happy you found me it’s so hard to find bloggers in the Orlando area for some reason, I would love for us to link up and chat. I’ll take a look at your blog as well and follow you on blog lovin 🙂

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