Try it Or Toss it: Athletic Shoe Edition!

Hello Friends,

It’s that time again for Try it or Toss it!  As we all know 2014’s official footwear  has been picked and they are athletic sneakers and flat shoes (yay!!) I’m all about a nice comfy shoe anytime.

This year the athletic shoe look took over Fashion Week and literally has burst onto the streets.  They are being paired with items you would have never thought for example: maxi skirts, office suits, and evening dresses, just to name a few.  So I’m going to say Toss it! and here is why! 

This trend to me is  looking a bit too messy, I like my looks to be a bit more polished from head to toe! There comes a time when you ask yourself “How edgy is too edgy?” and this to me is borderline ridiculous! There are some looks that just can’t translate well from runway to real life and to me this is one of them.  So I decided I’m officially going to run away from this trend while I still can.

Would you wear this look? let me know in the poll below, hope to hear some great feedback. Leave a comment below also.

Love, chicki

Running shoes 2

Running shoes 3

6 thoughts on “Try it Or Toss it: Athletic Shoe Edition!

  1. I say toss it but since you’re wearing New Balance (my bro works there) in that 2nd pic, work it!!!

    1. Lol that’s totally not me in those pics haha I hate this trend so much I wouldn’t even be able to pose for a picture in it! Your so sweet though

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