Overnight routine you should be using!

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It’s time for me to face it: I have been on the go for some time now, and truthfully, it is starting to get to me. Between staying up late brain-storming on future posts, and hanging out on work nights ( Shocking! am I turning into a rebel?) I know I have not been fulfilling my 8 hours of beauty sleep.  Because, trust me, I  haven’t been waking up looking very pretty, but the truth of the matter is: it’s not about waking up looking a certain way, it’s about taking care of the skin that you’re in, because after a while your skin starts to suffer.

So great news to anyone who is going through this issue! the great people over at www.hsn.com have given me the great opportunity to share some great tips for you to get your skin back on track with the best products and looking more beautiful than ever.


When it comes to beauty sleep, I think we generally fall into two categories; those who have managed 8 hours of sleep a night and those who haven’t. For the ones who haven’t, they consequently have to do a darn good job faking it.

So, why does this happen? Simply put, sleep is an essential component to an effective skin care regimen, a time when our skin heals and repairs itself. Therefore, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your skin may start to suffer.

If you need help utilizing the small number of hours you do get or you want to ensure you are stretching your 8 hours as far as they can go, you need the right tools. There are specific night time products that can work in harmony with your skin’s renewal process. More than not, these products will be heavier and thicker consistencies. For this reason, washing your face in the morning is equally as important as washing it at night – you need to remove these heavy products or your skin may become congested.

Shop Facial Resurrection Serum on HSN1. Begin With The Base

First, I always recommend using a serum. Facial serums are used to address specific problems such as wrinkles, aging and brightness. Apply a few drops to clean skin and using your hands press the serum into your skin.

2. Add The Primer

Especially in the colder months, you want to follow step one with a layer of oil for added hydration. Plus, you will wake up with beautiful and plump skin.

3. Don’t Forget To Moisturize!

Lastly, simply apply a moisturizer.  My advice is to opt for a comforting and hydrating formula. I like to see it as a blanket; keeping in the goodness of the serum and oil.

4. Last But Not Least – Give Your Eyes Some Love

Don’t forget an eye cream! Try to use a powerful wrinkle reducing formula. Make sure you always use a very tiny amount; overloading the skin around your eyes with too much of a heavy product can cause puffiness and sometimes breakouts.

Shop Skin Tightening Cream on HSNFor extra credit…

On days when you have little to no time or just want to fall into bed, try an overnight facial. Now this doesn’t mean you have to lie still with your face up to ensure you don’t cover your pillow in product. You can use facial creams that are highly concentrated and you use like a serum or moisturiser for a powerful whack of goodness.

Also don’t forget to check out the top skincare picks, picked by you on the Customer Picks page. Sleep tight!

What would your face say about your current night time routine?



Source:  http://community.hsn.com/t5/HSN-Blogs/4-Overnight-Products-You-Should-be-Using/ba-p/539738



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