Judah Flo’s Fashion Show Event Cover!

Hello Friends,

Getting invited to cover events is such a fun perk of blogging. A couple of months ago I attended a fashion show where I met a a wonderful guy named Jose. We quickly chatted and he informed me that he was a fashion designer, I quickly thought “oh that’s great” and he begins to inform me about his brand and I’m completely blown away. The reason I’m so taken aback is because his line Judah Flo is a Christian based company. To me that is so cool because he makes clothing based on his beliefs, and he chooses an unconventional channel to identify with those who share his same beliefs. Though not everybody might be his target market, his designs speak louder than words.

Here is a little information about his line take from his website.


Judah Flo Made For Royalty is a scripture-based brand. The Lion of the tribe of Judah represents Jesus inspired by scripture in Revelation 5:5. The sword represents the word of God and “Flo” is the first part of my last name, Flores. God makes us Royalty and he calls us to be at a higher level. Despite the different seasons of life we may have been through; the hurt, the pain, the losses, setbacks, and failures we can’t forget the victories and blessings. It all has led us into the divine will of God for our lives. I wanted the line to be built on faith and high quality designs, each one with its own individual message. My mission is to keep creating high-end premium designs reaching lives with a positive message and expanding the brand into different products and partnerships.

Dream Big all things are possible


For his Seventh Year anniversary, Judah Flo decided to host a fashion show, not only featuring his great designs but also other designers as well.


I arrived at Studio One at 7:00pm. We were greeted by a welcoming front door committee and told to choose a seat to our liking. We arrived to a full House with packed energy and great music. Definitely  put you in the mood for a Fashion show! That’s for sure.



As I waited for the show to start I got up and visited the different vendors they had featured. what a great group right?



And knowing me of Course I had to check out the food! Delish



Now it’s showtime! The first designer to send her looks down the runway was  Gordy Ateiler.  Her looks were a tribute to Old Hollywood but with a spin. Her looks were fun, colorful, and gorgeous. Check them out.





What a great way to open the show! such energy was in the room that we had to have more. So the next designer to send her great looks down the runway where Nailuj Villarroel. The designs she sent down the runway where Romantic Chic. Her line was mostly made up of beautiful gowns, and flowy yet perfect dresses.



Isn’t this gown amazing!! made me want to get married again. 🙂



And of course to close the show the main presenter himself Judah Flo! his line consists of fashionable everyday wear. With strong messages being the focal point of the clothing. I loved that the line was so colorful and edgy. I could see myself rocking one of his great t-shirts with some heels. His men’s clothing is also really fun. I love the youth appeal to this line and that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  I love his motto that we are all royalty and wearing his pieces will surely leave you feeling like it.








What a great show right! I want to send a big Thank you to Jose Flores (Judah Flo) for letting me attend this great show. You have poured 7 years of your passion into this line and it truly shows. I had a great time and I can’t wait to partner up again with you in the near future. Until next time enjoy these last pics!

If you want to know more about Judah Flo please visit his website: http://www.judahflo.com


Juda Flo and designer Gordy Ateleir


Until next time!

Love, chicki


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