In The Trenches: OOTD!

Hello Friends,

We have been experiencing some rainy, gloomy weather for these past couple of days, Yuck! If that wasn’t bad enough, the humidity that comes with it makes you want to stay in your house and never leave.

Nonetheless, things still have to get done. With having such a busy schedule lately, I needed to get some errands done around town, also attend a quick meeting. So as I was deciding on what to wear for the day, I knew I wanted a comfy classic look. Only one piece came to my mind and that was my Trench Coat. I absolutely love wearing my trench coat on rainy days. It’s such staple piece that needs be in every women’s closet.  I have professed my love for this coat before so you all know It could be dressed  up or down. I decided to wear my coat with a polka dot chambray shirt to keep the look more fun. Also this particular coat is light weight so I love that I wasn’t hot all day in it. Just a heads up, not all trenches are made the same so there are heavy duty ones out there . Which ever type of trench you decided to go with, I know  it will surely take you everywhere you need to go in complete style.

Stay dry out there

Love, chicki















2 thoughts on “In The Trenches: OOTD!

  1. Polka dots are my weakness (bizarre, but true). I agree that everyone should own a trench… Really one of those basics.

    Even though the heels you’re wearing are a medium height, your legs seem to go on for days! White jeans would also look way cute with this (but obviously not the best for this rain we’ve been getting).

    Enjoyed this OOTD!!

    1. LOL! I’m the biggest fan of polka dots myself! it’s so funny you mentioned white jeans I was actually putting them on this morning, and I said not a good idea with this rain lol. So funny you read my mind! yeah I can’t do really high heels as you can see my height is up there. glad you loved this post i did as well!

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