One Chic Fete Event Coverage!

Hello Friends,

Last Friday I was invited to attend an event called One Chic Fete. This event was a fusion of all things creative with over 40 designers, artists, musicians and more.

 I arrived in downtown just before 8:30pm, I decided to wear the classic combo of Lace &Pearls!



When we finally arrived to Firestone Live, where the event was held, you could hear the music playing and feel the energy of the crowd from the guest that where in line waiting to enter.  After being escorted to the back to get our Press Passes and clearance, we were finally inside.  I was truly impressed from the moment I walked in.  All the artwork was laid out beautifully on the ground floor. I started making my way around each exhibit. Talking to mostly all the artists and asking their story. A lot of them started really young, there were also some that were self-taught.  As I made my way around the exhibits I was truly in awe at all the talent we have here in Central FL.


IMG_4210 IMG_4212




There was even an artist from the show “Naked Vegas” painting a real life model. She looked amazing!



After visiting each exhibit and talking I made a pit stop at the bar to quench my thirst 🙂 We were then greeted by the  upbeat  host of the night. Who then announced that we where going to have live musical performances all night, as well as four fashion shows. I knew right then it would be a great night. The first performer was an acoustic sound of R&B, her sweet voice did original music of her own and covers.


Now onto the Fashion! What I really loved about all these looks is that the design aesthetics were just so fun!  Each girl had a rocking look of her own. From punk rock to beautiful and classy. And can we talk about the diversity! Not only in race but in body types! So great to see girls of different sizes strut their stuff down the runway. I felt this show unified everyone there making a statement on how every girl is beautiful and to me that is really empowering. IMG_4252
















One of the coolest moments of the night was when Gotham City FX hit the stage to show their creative makeup and costume design skills. They were so good! No wonder the crowd was super pumped.




After such amazing shows the night ended with a fusion between pop, rock and reggae. He was simply so talented and kept everyone in such a good mood. This performance was by far my favorite of the night.


I feel so lucky to have been in a room with such fun, talented people. You can truly see the passion in all the artists.  I loved that all different walks of life got together for one night to showcase their love for the arts. It was an amazing experience and can not wait to attend another show. Thank you so much Firestone Live for having me. And a big shout out to One Chic Fete. Until next time.

Love chicki

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