Bravo’s “Styled to Rock” interview with contestant Laura Pulice

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Now that  Summer time is here I’m so sad that all my favorite TV shows are on “break” and will not be back until Fall. You’re probably wondering how the heck do I have time to watch TV? my answer is I have no idea! Through all my crazy I still take time to watch my comedies, dramas, and every cop and vampire show there is :).  To me there is still something so special about scripted shows it kinda takes me back to the 90’s.

Now that we live in a world dominated by reality TV. It’s sometimes hard to pick one that can really catch my eye and make me want to tune in. Lets face it majority of the shows are all about fighting and drinking. It was entertaining to me when it first came out, But I have moved on. So recently when Rhianna’s show “Styled to rock”  on Bravo came on the air I decided to give it a go. I was instantly hooked, being a lover of fashion this was one reality show I could invest my time into. And it also didn’t help that Pharrel Williams was on there too. Doesn’t he just make you “Happy”.

So as I tuned in week after week yelling at the screen and mentally eliminating people. (don’t we all watch competition shows like this?!)  One contestant stood out for her amazing talent and that was Laura Pulice,  a Chicago native . Laura was first runner-up but wowed the show’s judges and celebrity guests including Pharrell Williams, Khloe Kardashian, Big Sean, Naya Rivera and Rihanna herself.


So want to know what Laura is up to these days? I got an amazing opportunity to interview her and ask her some great questions. Check out the article below!

Bad girl Rihanna “RiRi” Fenty is getting her moment for continuing to push her personal style and remain unapologetic for what looks and feels good to her (and on her). We’ve seen Rihanna’s style change over the years which mirrors her love of fashion and individuality. The girl knows how to stand out. Last fall she decided to mix things up and partnered with Bravo to create Styled to Rock, a reality-based competition show to find the next new member of her design/styling team. Under the guidance of her go-to stylist Mel Ottenberg, a group of designers were mentored and judged by A-list celebrities including Mr. Happy himself,  Pharrell Williams and supermodel turned designer, Erin Wasson. The competing designers designed for some of the best of the best including Khloe Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Miley Cyrus and Kylie Minogue.


Fans of the show got to see a unique side of the styling process, where designers created looks for celebrities in hopes of being judged and ultimately chosen as the winning designer. Although she didn’t take home the final win, Chicago latex designer Laura Pulice of Vex Clothing, Inc. became a fan favorite early on creating unique designs from a seemingly untraditional textile like latex. Since the show, Laura has continued to kill it with jaw dropping designs for Fantasia Berrino,  Madonna and now Lady Gaga and Co. for this year’s Art Rave Tour.


ChickiCouture recently spent time with Laura to talk about what she’s been up to since she returned to her hometown Chicago.


C: For those who aren’t familiar with what you do, the most obvious question is, “Why latex?”

L: I’ve always felt that fashion was something that is applicable to everyone no matter what shape or size. I also knew that when I began to design I wanted to apply a different approach. Latex is highly versatile. Unlike leather, it moves and stretches to conform to the body. This allows me to dress anyone and have it fit perfectly, whether someone is a size 2 or size 20.


C: It seems like latex gets associated with very specific uses or ways in which it’s worn. How is Vex different?

L: When I started Vex, it was based on providing easily wearable designs to the fetish community. There are still many pieces that people purchase for their fetish interests. We can and will design a catsuit if someone wants one, we don’t shy away from that. However, I also understand that a latex catsuit isn’t something everyone has a need for. So, over the years, we applied more elements of fashion to reach a new clientele who liked the look of the fetish pieces but also wanted something with more approachable style.


C: What has changed for you since Styled to Rock?

L: The show inspired a new approach to how I design. On the show I began to experiment with new ways to use latex incorporating texture and traditional fabrics with interesting patterns and prints. The response was so positive that I decided to pursue it more and create a new line under the Vex brand, Voyeur.


C: Tell us more about Voyeur.

L: Vex is intentionally bold and sensual and designed to elicit a certain response or feeling given its fetish roots. Most wear their Vex pieces for particular night out – or a night in. Voyeur takes some of the fundamental parts of our Vex pieces and combines them with more fashion-driven design that can be worn in a woman’s day-to-day life. For example, the dresses can easily be worn under a blazer during the day; remove the blazer for a night out with a sexy bare back. We’ve added accessories like the tassel earrings and keychain. It’s a play on the flogger from the fetish world. The keychain is interchangeable as a pendant with the chain necklace. It’s all designed to be versatile.  There is still a range, from these daytime pieces to highly editorial looks with the inflatable latex.


C: Now that we’re super excited. When and where can we get Voyeur?

L: Great question. Voyeur is at point of launching but we need more support. We just launched a Kickstarter to raise $15K to support continued development and production of the line. However, you can get some of the pieces now by supporting the Kickstarter with a pledge. We’ve made some good progress but we certainly need more support over the final two weeks of the campaign.  Every $1 counts!


laura puliceSource:


What an awesome interview right?! I just want to congratulate Laura  on all her success! it’s pretty amazing on how much she has accomplished. she truly is an inspiration to all women out there.

Click here for her Vex Kickstarter site:

To access her website go to:

Until next time

Love, chicki


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