LA Hair Kim Kimble Beauty Product Review!

Hello Friends,

I have a confession! I have curly hair, no, really, like crazy curls! For those of you who don’t know me, you have maybe noticed that in all my pictures my hair is straight. You caught me, I am a fraud 🙂 I have truly always had a problem with my natural hair. Since I can remember I have battled nothing but frizz, tight curl pattern, and dryness and hours of frustration and tears. When I was younger I would saturate my hair in tons of gel, so much that my hair never moved. Then I got fancy and upgraded to mousse that then gave my curls more flexibility.  But I still was unhappy, I even used to go as far as using extreme chemicals to change my curl pattern. You may be thinking why not embrace it, it’s what you were born with right? Wrong, I could never embrace it because I’m truly uneducated on how to deal with my own hair; It’s just a battle I choose not to fight.  So I took the easy way out and have been straightening my hair now for 3 years.

When I got contacted by Brand Backer to review Kim Kimble’s Kimble Beauty hair products it truly felt surreal! I completely love the show LA Hair and I have been watching the show every Thursday night since season one. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kim Kimble here is a bit of information.

A Los Angeles native, Kimberly Kimble is one of the most sought after hair stylists in the entertainment industry. With dozens of televised shows, movies, and magazines under her belt, Kimberly Kimble beautifies some of the hottest celebrities today. Her work can be seen in television, concerts, magazines, music videos, film and beauty expos. Through herdedication, talent, and skill, she has worked with such high-profile celebrities as Beyonce Knowles, Mary J Blige, Garcelle Beauvais, Shakira, Gabrielle Union, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Serena and Venus Williams. Hair styling was not unfamiliar to Kimberly Kimble, as she comes from a long line of hairstylists. Kimberly’s mother (Jasmine Kimble) and grandmothers (Lynette Murray and Astra Payne) all were hair care professionals. She was drawn to the art and skill involved in hairstyling and soon realized her need to create with her hands. Her natural affinity as an artist gave Kimberly a unique edge that sets her apart from other stylists. Kimberly was trained at the Universal College of Beauty of Los Angeles in Leimert Park, Culver City College of Beauty, Vidal Sassoon Academy, and Dudley Cosmetology University in North Carolina.

In 1995 Kimberly opened her first salon, “Phase II Hair Salon,” and in 2000 opened her second salon “Kimble Hair Studio” in West Hollywood. In 1996 she began working in the film industry on a movie called “B.A.P.S” with Halle Berry and director Robert Townsend. From there Kim went on to do television shows like “The Parenthood,” “Jamie Foxx,” and “Moesha.” She has recently been recognized for the incredible Diana Ross hairstyles she created for Beyonce in “Dreamgirls” and the Etta James’ hairstyle on Beyonce for “Cadillac Records.” With her high profile client base and her reputation as one of the leading hairstylists, Kimberly Kimble has styled hair for major cosmetic companies including L’Oreal, CoverGirl, and Neutrogena, and has also worked on campaigns for Pepsi, American Express, and True Star for Tommy Hilfiger. Kimberly’s cutting edge hairstyles and innovative contributions to the world of beauty have been featured in hundreds of magazines including: Italian Vogue, Vogue, V, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Rolling Stone, InStyle, Essence, Us Weekly, Blender and Seventeen. Kim has created looks for numerous magazine coves, album covers, music videos and commercials.

Through her experience working on film and television, Kimberly realized a need for styling products that would allow her to style hair that had endured the long hours of filming and keep it looking fresh and healthy. Kimberly’s latest development is a hair product line called “KIMBLE BEAUTY™,” a full line of shampoos, conditioners, scalp treatments, styling products, pomades & hair/body soaps for both men and women.

Because of Kimberly’s expertise in extensions, she has included products for extension care in her line as well. She has put together a complete line of hair specialty goods from hairpieces, clip-in weaves, wigs, falls, ponytails and extension hair. Her line of hair care will procure and process the highest quality hair from the international market. Kimberly also provides a line of maintenance products to care for the hair. With her successful West Hollywood Salon and a new product line, Kimberly Kimble continues to beautify the world one head at a time.

I got the option to choose what product I wanted to review and I picked the Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry CONDITIONING MASQUE that Restores Dry and Damaged Hair and it also came with her signature shower cap. The reason why I choose that one is because there can be a huge down fall with straightening your hair so much. Lately I’ve been feeling my hair has gotten a bit damaged due to all the heat it gets. Also, it has lost some of its shine and it has been looking lack luster lately. I truly couldn’t wait to test it.

*Disclosure* This product was sent to me by Kimble Beauty, other than the product was I not compensated in any form.

The day finally came and I received the product!


The first thing I did was wash my hair thoroughly, because I wanted extra clean hair. I washed it about 3 times 🙂 I know, a bit excessive, but I really wanted squeaky clean hair. So this is a pic of my hair after it was washed. As you can see how limp and life less my curls look. My ends definitely need to be cut, but besides that you can see my curls need a good restoration to bring them back to life.




So I then squeezed a quarter size of product onto my hand, and I immediately felt how thick the product was. I knew I was going to get maximum coverage for all my hair. That was one of my main concerns but that was quickly changed.


I then proceeded to apply the product to my wet hair from my ends to my scalp. This product smells so good!! the thickness of the product quickly covered every inch of my hair. Since I wanted a deep condition, I followed the exact directions. I let my hair sit for about 10 minutes, it then says to apply heat.  I decided to use my blow dryer to apply quick heat to my hair. I made sure I dried it really well, even getting into my roots.


Now here is where I truly got blown away by this amazing product, I then went and washed the conditioner out and let it air dry. My hair felt like pure silk. Once it fully dried my curls came to life!! In all the 26 years on this earth I’ve never seen my curls so bouncy and shiny. They were truly defined ringlets. So cute right?!




Here I am rocking the famous shower cap! I love it it’s so cute. And yes I do wear a shower cap 🙂 so that was a plus.


I wanted to take it one step further and still straighten my hair, because it is part of my routine these days.  I was blown away on how straight and smooth my hair came out. Look at that shine people! That is no photoshop!


This product has brought my hair to life, but besides that it has made me love my curls again. Though I still have a long way to go to fully embrace them, I felt like this week I got one step closer and I really can have gorgeous magazine curls! I felt that this review was more than just trying a  product, it was kind of an eye opener to start realizing that it really doesn’t have to be so difficult.  I want to say thank you so much to Kim Kimble for this opportunity, I’m truly grateful to have been chosen. My dream is to go to your salon one day and have you work on my curls! =]


If you are interested in trying this conditioning masque and want to receive a 10% off, order yours here using the code: hair10

Do you battle with any hair demons? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, chicki

P.S. Thank you, Brand Backer!

2 thoughts on “LA Hair Kim Kimble Beauty Product Review!

  1. It’s like reading the story of my hair!! Have not found a way to embrace my curls. Don’t know what to do with them. Thanks for the tip 🙂

    1. Your welcome, it’s truly such a battle for me I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with this lol. We will get there 🙂 glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

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