A Garden Goddess with Fibi & Clo


Serenity: The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

At this point in my life I feel that I’m searching more these days for quiet. I want to run away from the noise of everyday life. It’s not that I don’t enjoy all the fun the world brings and everything it offers, I just feel the need to step back and take it all in. I think I’m going through a period of reflection, where I’m slowly starting to understand where I belong in this world, but still very confused. So finding a place of meditation where I can sit for long periods of time; its very important for me to just think about what will the next move in my life be. And that’s exactly what I had the chance to do on Sunday.

I woke up and slipped on my most comfortable dress, and my new Fibi & Clo sandals. I recently got the great opportunity to work with this fantastic company. Here is a little info about them and their awesome program.

Founded in Summer 2009, fibi & clo shoes and accessories continue to offer the chicest designs at prices gals can’t resist. Sold exclusively  in-home shoe parties and now online. We’re so excited to introduce a new program in collaboration with Souls For Souls. The program is called “Get Her On Her Feet”.

fibi & clo is honored to say we’ve helped over 1300 women start their own business and pursue their dreams here in the USA. Now, together with you, we can help pay it forward and help women in impoverished countries fulfill their dream of being an entrepreneur. The women we are helping live in countries where the average salary is $183 a month, and all of these jobs typically go to men. We want to give the women a chance.

The way the program works is very simple.

1. Have a qualified party with five of your friends.

2. For every shoe the hostess earns, we will match and donate to this program.

3. We will use these sandals to help woman in countries with zero opportunity, have an opportunity, for them and their families.

Now you can help someone get on her feet while being a part of a sisterhood that sparkles inside and out. It’s amazing how just a few small steps can make a big difference. We hope you’re just as hopeful and excited as we are! And we look forward to seeing that fibi & clo sparkle spread all over the world!

So Party, We donate, Everyone wins!

*Disclosure* This product was sent to me by Fibi & Clo, other than the product was I not compensated in any form.

When I first received my sandals the first thought that came to my head was “they look so royal, I’m going to look like a goddess in these”. I loved the fuchsia color and the design in the front was stunning. I knew I wouldn’t have a hard time paring these with anything in my closet. I quickly put them on and my feet just melted with the comfort. The whole sandal wrapped around my foot. I couldn’t wait to take them out for a day.

My husband and I arrived early at the gardens and decided to go explore, at first I was nervous like anyone would be when wearing any new type of shoe. I was afraid of blisters, but that wasn’t the case; my feet were really comfortable. We went on a small hiking trail for about 45 minutes, that really put the sandals to work. I walked over leaves and mulch and even dirt and the sandals held up really well. When we finally found a place to relax, to spend the rest of the afternoon, I took of the sandals and gave them a good shake, and quickly all the dirt came off. That was a big plus because the rubber material made it so nice and easy to clean them. These sandals will be my summer essential as I’ll be wearing them everywhere!

I spent the remainder of the afternoon sitting in my own thoughts, and taking in the beauty of the day. While my husband laid and read his magazines. It was so perfect! I know I have a long way to go before I truly know where this thing called life will take me, but in the meanwhile I’ll sit in serenity until I figure it out.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of Fibi & Clo sandals, please click here.

Love, chicki

P.S. Thank you, Brand backer!
















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