My Quick And Easy Makeup Routine!

Hello Friends,
I’ve always been very low maintenance when it comes to my make up routine, Part of that reason is because I never knew how to apply it, therefore I never paid any mind to it. So when I started Aveda (Aesthetics classes) I was handed a bag of makeup and was told “start learning”.
As I still prefer to go fresh faced everywhere there are times where makeup is needed. So over the years I have perfected my own routine that works best for me. I decided to make a chart on my routine to show you!
I’m really curious how many steps does it take you to get your “perfect look”?
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Love, chicki

My make up routine

4 thoughts on “My Quick And Easy Makeup Routine!

    1. Thats actually such a great routine! I wish I was a little more advanced in my makeup skills lol thanks so much for sharing!! I appreciate it

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