What the Fruit?

Hello Friends,
I have seen some crazy trends in my day, but this newest one just has me baffled! for those of you who didn’t know right now fruit print clothing is huge. That’s right I said fruit print! I feel like this came out of nowhere and Summer is just embracing it with their crazy open arms. This look has even made its way from celebrities to top designers. There are even making some pants that can retail up to thousands of dollars. (I included those pants in the visual). I have mixed feelings toward this look because I do love how colorful, and cheerful it can make any outfit. But I can’t get over wearing let’s say a giant pineapple on me. I don’t know about you but I would be hungry like all day! OK maybe it just would be me lol! point of the matter is this will be one trend I’ll skip this Summer but wouldn’t mind watching others wear it from afar.
Will you be wearing this new fruit trend? Leave a comment below
Love, chicki
Fruit Print yay or nay?


Click on the links below to access any piece of clothing! 

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