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Hello Friends,

Every time I post an OOTD picture on Instagram or the blog, I usually have  a lot of people asking me where I got the contents of my outfits. I know over the years that I have been following other fashion bloggers, there has been, I guess, an unspoken rule to share where each piece is from. There are a couple of reasons for it: one, the blogger has a sponsorship with the brand and it’s part of their requirement, two, the fashion blogger wants to be recognized by the brand, and three, wanting to share with fans  on how to get their awesome look.  Since I’ve been blogging you may have noticed that I have barely tagged where I’ve gotten my pieces. This is not because I am better than anyone else, it’s simply because I honestly shop my own closet a lot. Shop my own closet, you may ask? Well, what it means is that I basically like to reuse older pieces and bring new life into them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do have a slight shopping addiction and I do find myself shopping every weekend, but I tend to pick up basic pieces that do not call to much attention so they can be used again.

So today I wanted to give you the basics on how you can shop your own closet! I think as women there is such a pressure to always look perfect and having to own the latest styles. Truth of the matter is, some people don’t always have the budget, or they don’t have the knowledge to put old pieces together and, if budget isn’t a problem that’s awesome too! Maybe this post will help you bring some life back into your clothes and get you motivated on re using your old pieces.

Modern-Walk-in-Closet-for-Woman-with-MannequinSource: moesters

1. Test-drive your wardrobe

Before you can have fun with what you already own, you need to make sure you want to wear what you have. Try on everything and only keep clothes that fit and are in good condition. High heels that you cannot walk in for more than 20 feet? Itchy sweaters? Jeans that are too uncomfortable? Let it go. If you do not feel your best in that shirt, skirt or trouser, you will probably not wear it. Donate those pieces to the less fortunate to make room.

2. Take it to the tailor

Ladies your tailor can not only do repairs, they can totally change the look of a garment.  A tailor can make a pants leg narrower or a little wider, turn trousers into shorts and a calf length into a knee length skirt. You can have them take apart a dress and go on wearing the top or bottom part. How amazing is that?!

3. Organize your stuff

Organize what you have left by clothing type: tops, vests, jackets, coats, dresses, pants, jeans, skirts. You can also break up your custom suits so that the pieces stand on their own and your mind is more open to combine them in new ways. If you have a lot of clothes, you can sub-categorize short sleeve – long sleeve, short pants – long pants, short skirts – long skirts, etc. Organizing your stuff by color also helps.
If you don’t differentiate by seasons, you can use pieces all your round: wear a chiffon dress with a wool sweater for autumn, a tweed skirt with a silk blouse in spring,…

Special tip: If there is a piece of clothing you have neglected for a while but really want to wear, put it to the front of your closet, somewhere where you can see and access it easily.

4. Combine in new ways

This where it gets really fun and the magic happens! Go window shopping or get inspiration from fashion magazines, the internet or friends to combine what you have in new ways. Pinterest is a great starting point, and you can even save the pictures you like on a board. Get daring and Mix up your suit jackets and pants. Bring together materials you did not wear together before. For example, wear a chiffon top under a linen jacket, a lace blouse with a woolen skirt or leather pants with a tweed coat. Wear a jacket with a pair of shorts and a wedge. Take pictures of your new combinations so that you will know how to repeat them later. Once you get the hang of it it’ll become second nature, and when you start introducing new pieces to your closet the amount of outfits are endless.


There you have it ladies! I hope this was helpful. Next time you feel stumped on what to wear, don’t! your closet is your playground, have fun.

Will you be shopping your closet more often? Leave a comment below

Love chicki



4 thoughts on “Shop your Closet!

    1. Your welcome!! It is sadly time consuming but the benefits that come out of it are worth it! You’ll look like you have new clothes all of the sudden lol!

  1. Thank you. I have to shop my closet since every time I open it I found nothing to wear. My closet needs a lot of renovations without breaking the bank. Lol

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