Simple in Sleeveless: OOTD!

Hello Friends,

Do you have an article of clothing that just defines your style? For example, are you a shoe connoisseur?  Do you have to have the latest shoe in every style or color? Or maybe you’re a purse collector, and this means you can’t be caught dead without one. I have over the years figured out that I might be slightly obsessed with jackets! (preferably blazers).  There is something about throwing on a light jacket or blazer over an outfit that makes me feel so complete. I have a special spot in my closet just dedicated to my outer wear. I am realistic though, I can’t always walk out of my house wearing that cute blazer or jacket, because guess what? I’m in Florida and it’s ridiculously hot in the Summer.

So, I found the perfect solution! I went out and bought myself a sleeveless blazer. How awesome is that? I get the best of both worlds. I couldn’t wait to wear it and I had the opportunity the other night. My husband had a work dinner, so this was the perfect occasion. My choice on how to wear it was very simple, although the possibilities are endless with this great item. There is something so classic about wearing black on black. I did a basic dark wash skinny jean and black pumps. I received many compliments on my look the entire night. Sometimes being simple is the way to go! I can’t wait to see what other outfits I can come up with my favorite new purchase.

What’s your favorite item? Leave a comment below

Love, chicki








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