Hello Fall: OOTD!

Hello Friends,

Happy First Week of Fall everyone! it’s been so rainy here in Orlando, but that’s really typical through out this time of year for us. While everyone is already wearing sweaters, we are still experiencing major heat and crazy amounts of humidity. With that being said, I’m still excited to try every pumpkin flavored drink available and some cooler nights.  Although the weather is not cold enough to layer up for the  falls trends just yet, this is the perfect time for me to wear my cargo jacket, which is, by the way, a Fall statement piece and every girl should own one :). This jacket is perfect on rainy days and best of all it’s lightweight. So today I’m bringing you my Fall look Floridian style 😉


Are you excited for Fall? Leave a comment below!


Love, chicki

















2 thoughts on “Hello Fall: OOTD!

  1. First of all, I just wanna say that I’m so impressed by this website. It truly is a very informative and fashionable site. I like how you show off your thoughts through style and tips. So I have a couple questions. As a dude myself, have you given any thought to the possibility of expanding your blog to include fashion tips for men? I would like to upgrade my side of the closet with some fashionable threads too. Second, and please excuse my ignorance here but, can you tell me what “OOTD” stands for? Last but not least, I miss you guys! When are we gonna hang? Maybe get some lunch on a weekend or something! Tell Danny that he has amazing talents with that camera. But then again, your beauty transcends any lens no matter what!

    1. Omg thank you so much! It’s truly do flattering to know my blog has reached even men. I am really looking into styling men and bringing the latest thanks so much for that feed back I’ll start brainstorming soon! We miss you and your wifey so much! Let’s get together soon and OOTD stands for- out of the day 😁

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