Burgundy Crush!

Hello friends,

BURGUNDY is the IT color for fall. That’s right ladies and gentleman this color has taken over every store imaginable. Walking down the mall the other day I couldn’t stop noticing every mannequin dressed so beautifully in this deep color. You bet I had to have a piece of it, it took a lot of restraint for me not to buy everything in the store. I’ve always been a big fan of deep colors like Hunter green’s, mustard’s, and burnt Orange because they truly represent fall to its fullest. Since we don’t really have such a Fall here in Orlando, yes sadly we still are dealing with 80 degree weather. I try not to saturate my closet too much with deep colors, But I had to make an exception for burgundy.  So yesterday we lucked out on and had a nice cool evening for a change, which I was super stoked about. The hubby and I decided to go out for a nice evening dinner on the lake. I went for a darker look with a bit of an edge, I can’t wait to repeatedly wear this color for the rest of the season.


Will you be rocking burgundy? Leave a comment below

Love. chicki













4 thoughts on “Burgundy Crush!

      1. I got some tights like this (kinda) from Marshalls… But they have geometric shapes (diamonds) in black. I like what you did with the cut off top, but still covered by the blazer for the cool night 😉

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