Sweater Weather

Hello Friends,

I’ve truly been enjoying the cold weather we have been experiencing lately. The other night it was down to the 40’s and I was in heaven, you see living here in Florida it’s just so hot all the time!. Cold weather also means adorable fashions right?! I really love to layer, but the accessories are my favorite.  Occasionally I step foot in that explosion of a store called Forever 21, lol! So when I was rummaging around the clearance bin last Summer just to kind of see what goodies I could score. I came across a fierce wool hat. I quickly scooped it up and came home and tossed it in my closet not thinking anything about it. Well while I was cleaning my closet the other day I found it. Not really wanting to pair my hat with just anything, I decided to wear it my sweater coat. That’s right you read that correctly it is a coat made out of sweater material. Coolest hybrid piece of clothing I own. Where did you get such a thing you ask? it was gifted to me a couple of years ago.

So the other night the hubby and I went out for a nice dinner with the cool weather around us. It was really a good time as usual, we also got hot chocolate and sat outside and enjoyed the Christmas music and lights in our small town. Crazy how lights are up already up 🙂 I was nice and cozy in my gear and I can’t wait for cooler nights to come.


Do you have any favorite Winter Accessories? Leave a comment below

Love chicki











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