Effortless Chic!

Hello Friends,

I’ve had such an eventful week. On Monday I celebrated my 27th birthday, it was a relaxing day, I hung out with my hubby, and in the evening he spoiled me by taking me out to a nice dinner. This year I decided that I needed some change. I felt my look was beginning to look drab, so I did the big chop. I cut my hair over two inches and I couldn’t be more stoked with the look! Being that I’m risky when it comes to my clothes, my hair shouldn’t be too far behind.

On another note, have I ever expressed how much I love Sundays? It’s the day where I bring out my biggest blanket and my strongest cup of coffee and I snuggle on my couch with my most comfortable pj’s watching movies all day with my hubby. On an occasional Sunday there are errands to be done and there are responsibilities to take care of. So my favorite Go-to look on days like those are effortless. I love to grab my most comfortable pair of jeans and sneakers and I’m out my door. Sundays will always be just cool.

What is your Sunday Look? Leave a comment below

Love, chicki















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