Winter Green

Hello Friends,

Lately I have been gravitating toward Hunter Green, though I always have been a big fan of earth tones. There is something so rich and deep about that color that just fascinates me. It’s such a great complimentary color that truly pairs well with just about anything. I noticed that it also looks so beautiful on my skin tone, and dark hair.  Also it pairs well with gold accents (jewelry, ..etc), which is another plus because that’s all I wear.

The inspiration that I was going for my outfit was a relaxed safari chic, I love a good light weight button shirt, Every girl should own one! and a pair of comfy Chukka’s. If you don’t know what that is it’s just the style of shoe I’m wearing.


I wanted to keep the earthy color palette onto my makeup as well. I was given a really beautiful mocha color lipstick by a good friend of mine. I never used it because I was nervous about the color, but I’m glad I tried it, it just tied my whole look together.  Happy first day of Winter Everyone!


What’s your favorite Earth tone color? Leave a comment below

Love, Chicki















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