Black Entity

Hello Friends,

Have you ever noticed that owning pieces of clothing in the color black, makes your wardrobe feel chic? Even sexy depending on the item? Why is that? could it be because black is the universal color that matches with everything? or could it be just a safe color we all run too? Whatever the answer is, it’s a color that fits in everyone’s closet flawlessly regardless of gender. One of my all time fave looks to put together is an all black ensemble. I always feel so poised and confident. Even though putting on the same color may sound easy, it can be tricky. The trick with an all black outfit is making sure you don’t get washed out, Or even lost. So I always like to have a nice pattern or fun fabric that can be seen. Since I was off the other day (finally) I hit the town, I ran errands  AKA Shopping :). And I enjoyed this beautiful weather we’ve been having. All in all it was a successful day and I have the outfit to prove it.

How do you wear all black? Leave a comment below

Love, chicki











4 thoughts on “Black Entity

    1. Thanks my love!! That lip color is from Mac can you believe it’s a lip gloss it’s so heavily tinted! I don’t have the name of it right at this moment but I will reply with the name of it as soon as get home 🙂

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