FreshPair: Finding your right fit!

Hello Friends,

Today I want to talk to you ladies about the B- Word! I’m talking about bras of course. We are constantly making sure we have the right colors, support, and most important the right fit. Bras are such a fundamental piece of our wardrobe, yes, they are hidden in our shirts but, did you know that 27% of women say they have decided against buying a clothing item because they didn’t have the right bra to wear under it?

Confession, I have fallen into this category, being a small busted girl has its disadvantages more than advantages, in my case, I remember being so stressed out when I started buying bras on my own. Nothing ever felt right and I would just tear up and ask “why so small?” Over the years finding that perfect push-up has always been challenging. That is the number one criteria for me when I’m looking for a bra. What girl doesn’t want a little more cleavage than they where blessed with 🙂 ? So, after many years of just going through all the wrong bras, I finally went into a bra store and decided to get measured. What a shock I received I was buying the wrong cup for so many years! A lot of you are wondering how could that be? How didn’t you know? plain and simple answer is I was very uneducated about bras. Yes, you think just because you’re a women you can put on any old thing to cover the girls and go, But that’s simply not true we are all different shapes and sizes out there (and constantly growing). Getting measured was the best decision I have ever made now knowing my actual size, bra shopping doesn’t tend to be so stressful.

I teamed up with an amazing company by the name of Freshpair they started in 2000 as an on-campus underwear delivery service at the University of Maryland and shortly moved to an ecommerce retailer, headquartered in New York. Since their jump into ecommerce, they’re  proud to be the largest online retailer of men’s underwear and a leading online retailer of women’s intimates.

They have an amazing selection of great bras (CLICK HERE)  with ultimate support and coverage for every girls need, I love the diversity on their site. Not only do they offer great bras in every size and color, they also provide a perfect guide to get you in your right bra size, as you can see by clicking here.  So are you ready to finally have the perfect bra? look no further.

I would also like to say a big Thank You to freshpair for giving me the opportunity to write this post. For more information on this company check them out

How many of you are still trying to find the right bra?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to see your thoughts.

love, chicki

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