Valentia Skin Care: The Review

Hello Friends,

It’s a new year! What other way would be more exciting to start off my first post back since my small hiatus? I know! By bringing you a product review!

I got the wonderful opportunity to work with a skin care company called Valentia Skin Care. As you all know, I’ve been a product junky for years. So when I accepted these products I didn’t know what I was getting into. I honestly never heard of their skin care line before, but since I’m always curious to try new things here we are 🙂

I was given two products which where the True Glow Eye Cream and the Ultra Pumping Hydration Mask. With these products you can use them In the morning and at night. I love having options! 🙂 I decided to try these products right as I woke up because that’s when I feel my face needs the most love.




As you can see this is a good amount of product, The packaging is also very simple and pretty.  The first product I wanted to try was the Ultra Pumping Hydration MaskLately I’ve been feeling my face has been looking really dull and needing major moisture. The benefits of this mask were exactly what my face needed. This mask boosts Collagen production, Increases skin radiance, Reduces fine lines, and best of all secures skin moisture. And what I really liked best is it’s truly made of natural products like Japanese Green Tea,  Aloe Vera, and Organic Rosehip Oil.





I applied evenly to my face for about 30 minutes I felt a slight tingling sensation as its notated on the box, Don’t worry, this was completely normal. The mask felt nice and cool and the texture was perfect for me as I prefer a thicker mask, this one had perfect balance. Once I wiped off the product with a warm damp cloth as instructed, I instantly felt rejuvenated. My skin looked brighter and more awake 🙂

BTW, notice the orange tint on my face? That’s just the face mask on (last picture)

Now, I was really excited to get the True Glow Eye Cream on my eyes. All my life I have had dark circles, it’s a genetic thing, but I always try to find products to hide it. The great thing about this True Glow Eye Cream is that it reduces wrinkles, nourishes and hydrates, tightens eye area, brightens dark circles and restores radiance. Just like the mask, it has natural ingredients (Vitamin C, Organic Rosehip oil and Arnica)




Using this product was pretty straight forward, I applied a small amount to my eye area using a gentle padding motion, as recommended. I instantly felt a cooling sensation around my eyes. Don’t be fooled by its thin texture, a little goes a long way.



VIOLA! My after results! You can noticeably see how refreshed my face looks after just one application of each product!

As you can see, my dark circles are still a little bit noticeable, but this product obviously reduced a great amount of it after the first try.  I can’t wait to see how much difference it will make after a couple of weeks!

Below are some more pictures 30-40 minutes after the products were removed, and, if you compare it to the initial picture, you can see how much different these products make me look.  I look refreshed and ready to start my day!



If you’re interested in trying these products, click the links below

True Glow Eye Cream:
Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask:

love, chicki

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