Welcome to Lost In Chic!

Hello Friends!

Long time no speak, huh?

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize to all of my readers for my long hiatus without any explanation. The truth of the matter is I fell out of love with blogging. Why you ask? It just started to feel forced, it stopped being fun… It started to become more of an obligation than a hobby. I took a back seat for a little bit, forcing myself to see my blog from a whole different perspective, and something was just not clicking. Then I realized that just like everything else, It was time to evolve. I started chickicouture with a younger mentality, a mentality that at this time and age, does not define me anymore, and, this is where changes had to happen.

With thoughts like these came a very hard decision… A name change! For those who don’t know, a name change can make or break a blog. After various months of self-reflection, and finally coming into my own on what I want to do in this blogging world, Lost In Chic was born!

Though I put chickicouture on the shelf, Lost In Chic will bring the same fire and passion to the same things that I love, plus a little more 😉

I’m so excited for this new endeavor! I really hope I haven’t lost you guys forever, let me take you on a brand new journey through my life adventures!

Without further ado… I present to you: Lost In Chic! Welcome!

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