Hello Friends,

Every year my hubby and I take an anniversary trip somewhere. It’s been a tradition ever since we started dating. We never fully know where we are going to end up but it’s something we look forward to every year! This year my hubby decided we needed to go to Iceland (it was a dream of his) and I’m so glad we did!

While in Iceland we spent most of our days doing different excursions. We visited The Golden Circle, where we got to walk across two tectonic plates, we saw waterfalls and an active geyser. We randomly stumbled upon a Game of Thrones tour, we have never seen the show before but thought the experience would be cool and we were greatly surprised on how great it was!

I think my favorite part of this trip was when we had the opportunity to visit a glacier lagoon.  It was been the coldest I’ve ever been in my life, but it was worth the experience seeing those glaciers up close (and eating a piece of it!!!!!!!!!)

We also enjoyed many Icelandic foods and plenty of local beer!

The day before leaving we decided to pamper ourselves at the Blue Lagoon.  The Blue Lagoon is a thermal pool water, what makes it special is the fact that Iceland is usually really cold (when we went the highest was about 40 degrees F.  So feeling the water at 90-100 degrees while being 40 degrees outside was a pretty special experience

All in all, our trip was filled with lots of adventure, indescribable beauty and nature. It will forever live in my heart and I can’t wait to return someday to eat more glaciers!


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