From work to fab in no time!

Hello Friends,

Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? I sure do. Between working, blogging, and being with the hubby, my days sure know how to pile up. So, this latest unplanned date night gave me no chance to do my usual beauty routine which consists of planning my whole look hours ahead.

Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t have time to make a full outfit change. Since I was in my work clothes, I had to do major modifications. With fast thinking, I decided to keep my button down office shirt but brought it into this century by making a cute quick tie in the front. I changed out my stuffy slacks for some show stopper pants, kept my heels, added accessories and a classic red lip and BAM! Out the door in (literally) five minutes.

So today I’m going to give you some quick tips on how to get out the door in a flash when pressed for time!

  1. Chose which big piece of item is going to be your focal point: For example Shirt or Pants. Make sure one of these items is easy to work around with.
  2. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories: I can’t say this enough! This will transition you into night time mode in a flash! So grab that clutch!
  3. Choosing the right foot wear: Ladies, grab those heels! if you’re not a big fan of heels that’s ok! Grab your wedges or dressy sandals… anything to get you out of those dreaded work shoes!

I hope these tips will come useful to you if you’re ever pressed for time in an unexpected after work situation.

Sincerely, me!



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