On The Go!

Hello, Friends!

Do you ever sit and wonder how we do it all with only 24 hours in the day? From people with full-time jobs, parents, and students, we all have an agenda that keeps us moving and going. Through all the madness in our days I have found that having all my belongings organized keeps me sane. If anyone that knows me well knows that my number one accessory is always a cross body bag. I’ve never been one to love bulky big purses so the simple design and functionality of a cross body is one I don’t take for granted due to the nature of my lifestyle.

So I recently got the opportunity to work with this amazing bag line called Beside-U. What truly drew me to wanting to work with this line is their brand philosophy, Which is

“Our bags are much more than accessories- They are our trusted companions.”

Those words couldn’t ring more true to me since a purse for women literally holds their life lol.  I also really love that they have a charity initiative page which they feature an awesome program that is buy one, get one. For every bag purchased through that charity page, Beside-U will donate a bag to Dress for Success. How awesome is that?

Even on my busiest day, Beside-U kept it stylish, durable, and reliable!

What’s your must have on-the-go accessory?

Sincerely Me!



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