Cozy Culottes

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Have you ever looked at a trend and simply said “NO WAY, I would never try that!”? I’m guilty of doing this. That’s how I felt when culottes decided to become trendy again, I felt myself being forced to look at these pants I just did not understand. (Are you capris or nah?!) I would see everyone rocking them and styling them in every way imaginable. Stubborn little me still refused! Until one day I gave in… shocking, right? Not one to fall into peer pressure, I just felt like I was judging without even giving them a shot. So on one of my usual online shopping nights, I found a pair on my trusty go to site Shein. I liked this pair because they looked simple and didn’t give a look that was trying too hard. When they arrived in the mail my heart sank like what did I just do?  I found myself thinking “now I really have to commit I did pay for them!” I slipped them on and thought to myself “not bad Steph…” As I twirled around in them for a little. I sat back and said let this be a lesson to you though not every trend is for me you’ll never know until you try!

So today I wanted to give some tips on how to style culottes if you have been toying with the idea but just scared to take the plunge!


Wear culottes with a shirt

 Whether you’re going for a daytime or evening look, tucking a shirt into culottes can be transformative as it balances out your silhouette. A short-sleeved, fitted shirt is ideal for formal occasions while a baggy shirt gives a more relaxed look.

 Keep it simple

It might sound like obvious advice, but sticking to neutral tones and low key accessories when wearing a bold item like culottes is one of the easiest ways to wear them with style. Go for a color palette of black, navy, cream and brown to let the shape of the trousers shine.

Distract from culottes with bright accessories

If you’re still not convinced by culottes but want to give the trend a try, add a pop of color to your outfit to distract the eye away from them. Go for a bright pair of shoes, a top in a bold print or a statement jacket.

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15 thoughts on “Cozy Culottes

  1. I’m always over here judging trends, lol! I bought a pair of jogger pants and thought “why the hell did I do that?”. But I FINALLY took a moment to style them and they were cute! I love the culottes on you. They look really cute!

    1. Lol! I’m guilty of it also! I’m one to try things just to say atleast I tried. Glad you where able to style the joggers 🙂 thank you so much for your kind words and stopping by!

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